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Our Cenex propane is stored locally to improve your access to reliable heat. When homeowners choose Cenex for their source of propane, they get comfort that’s clean, efficient, reliable and affordable. As a leading propane supplier here in the Midwestern Wisconsin, Federation Cooperative is able to offer you many financing options to choose from.

Even Pay Program

The purpose for this program is to spread out the cost of your heating bill for propane gas over an 11 month period.

Advantages to using our "Even Pay" program:

  • Paying a fixed price for the propane you purchase throughout the winter heating season.
  • Low up front cost. No late fees or service charges on current account balances.
  • You are required to pay your monthly budget amount by the 23rd of each month to be current.

CAP Program

The purpose for this program is to place a "CAP" or maximum price you will pay on your propane gas.

Advantages to using our "CAP" program:

  • Knowing the maximum price you will ever pay throughout the winter heating season.
  • Low up front cost. No need to prepay entire amount up front to lock in a gas price for the heating season.
  • If prices decrease you are eligible for the lower price rather than being locked into a fixed price.

Prepay Program

Watch for your summer mailing for prepay contracts for the upcoming winter! The prepay program will be available to sign up for in July.

Details of the prepay program are as follows:

  • You will be locked into the prepay price regardless of the current market price.
  • There is a minimum purchase of 400 gallons.
  • All prepay gallons need to be delivered/ordered no later than April 30.
  • Any remaining prepay dollars as of May 1 will be credited to your regular account.

Summer Fill Program

Federation Cooperative offers a Summer Fill Program from July 1 through August 30.

Details of the Summer Fill Program are as follows:

  • Orders accepted from July 1 to August 30.
  • Prices are subject to change at any time due to the fluctuating market and vary each year.
  • Your LP price will be locked in at the price it is on the day you order and we will deliver your LP on your next available route day.
  • You must order a fill to qualify for the summer fill price. If you order less than a fill you will be charged the regular LP price for that day.


$1.19 per gallon charge price
-$0.10 Summer Fill discount
$1.09 per gallon Summer Fill price

Truck Routes

We keep weekly truck routes so we can more efficiently serve our customers on a day to day basis. To learn about route days for propane delivery, please call the Energy Department at 715-284-5354 or 1-800-944-1784.

WARNING: Do not let your tank run out of LP Gas!! This can create a dangerous situation for your family and our employees. Our insurance company requires us to perform a leak check on any system that runs out of LP Gas. There will be a charge for all leak checks.

There will be a charge for the following:

  • $100.00 for Same Day Trip Charge (even if it is your route day)
  • $100.00 for off route delivery
  • $150.00 for after hours trip charge
  • $200.00 for Holiday delivery
  • $50.00 for Leak Check, if your tank is out of gas or has been shut off. A responsible adult must be home when a leak check is performed. There will be additional fees if any leaks are found.

Try to call two days before your route day to get on the list for LP.

Please check our News & Ads page for the Holiday routing schedule.

Leased Tank Usage Requirements

On an annual basis, the patron is required to purchase 80% of the number of gallons of the tank size. In the event the patron purchases less, a tank usage fee may be applied, which will be charged to your account June 1st of each year. This fee applies to 250, 325, 500 and 1000 gallon tanks.


500 gallon tank needs to purchase 400 gallons per year. Customer purchases 300 gallons.

Tank Size 500 gallons
Required Gallons to Purchase
(80% of tank size)
400 gallons
Gallons Purchased 300 gallons
Difference 100 gallons
Lease Fee $0.30 per gallon
Total Fee $30.00

Meet Your Licensed Drivers!

Steve Stoker, Nick Johnson, Chase Wegman, and Brian Hooker.


All customers, tenant changes, and interruptions in service require a leak test. Propane WILL NOT be delivered unless the system passes all tests. Rental owners must notify Federation Cooperative whenever they have a tenant change so the system can be inspected and a leak test performed.


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