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Daily Cash Grain Prices

Please call us directly or login to your electronic account for the most updated grain prices. If you are not yet a member of our DTN, please sign up at DTN Grain Trading Platform. This will allow you to check current pricing. Once you click on the link, request a username/password and ebter your information to get setup with an account. You can also download the DTN app for your smartphone!

Federation Cooperative’s grain facility has been continually growing to help service our surrounding customers’ needs. We have significantly improved our receiving equipment so that we are capable of unloading 15,000 bushels per hour of dry corn and 18,000 bushels per hour of beans and wet corn.

Grain Marketing

  • Cash Sales
  • Purchase Contracts
  • Forward Purchase Contracts
  • Deferred Payment Contracts
  • Price Later Contract

Grain Storage

  • 926 thousand bushel storage capacity
  • Grain bank for feed use
  • Open storage
  • Grain drying
  • Warehouse Receipts

Grain Policies

Grain Transportation

  • On-Farm pick up services
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